Battery Control Module

The Battery Control Module contains a number of inputs, outputs and components that handle the power supply to the engine and accessory consumers on board. Acting as the main hub for the boat’s electrical system, it makes the battery status reliable and easier to monitor from a display at the helm. System parameters can be preset so that information on charge state, battery health, time to full/empty, voltage, and current are all easily accessible.
- One Battery Control Module is needed for each engine. - The battery supply switches can be operated on the Battery Control Module, via the Battery Management Display, or via an external button panel. - A cross‐over switch enables one battery to borrow energy from the other.
- All three switches are of solid‐state technology ensuring optimal durability and reliability with minimal voltage drop without relays or moving parts. - The Battery Control Module also contains a main fuse holder. - Two 20A constant outputs provide easy installation of constant loads such at bilge pumps that need access to power even when all main switches are off.
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